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Ashreinu Girl

אשרינו מה טוב חלקנו, ומה נעים גורלנו, ומה יפה ירשתנו
Happy are we! How goodly is our portion, and how pleasant is our lot, and how beautiful our heritage!
From the siddur – morning blessings

Trees hold a special place in Jewish thought, where our relationship with our natural environment is considered especially important. God is described (midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7:13) showing Adam all the trees in the Garden of Eden and saying, ”Look at all My works, how beautiful they are!” Aware of our dependence on trees to support our lives and those of our loved ones, the rabbis of the Talmud created a special blessing which is recited upon seeing one’s first blooming fruit tree of the season.

The Ashreinu Girl is depicted in branches of white oak trees, a species to which Melanie is particularly indebted, as this species grows on and nourishes the piece of the Earth in which she flourishes. Without trees providing a basic foundation to life on Earth, our happiness and history and beloved traditions might not be possible.

Dimensions: 36" tall

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