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Beautify Your Jewish Life

Find a Modern Ketubah You Both Will Love

Timeless elegance & archival quality from an award-winning artist

A Ketubah That's Just The Way You Want It

Looking for just the right papercut ketubah? Check out the blossoming Blooming Tree Ketubah, which will bring elegance and sophistication to your wedding day, or the classic Forest Ketubah, which beckons those who love the outdoors. Customize your ketubah with the colors and text and extra touches that you desire. Choose from Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Interfaith, LGBTQ+ & custom ketubah texts. Would you like to commission spectacular new ketubah artwork just for your wedding? Need your ketubah in a rush? I can help! Let's talk about how I can create exactly the ketubah you want and get it to exactly where you need it, when you need it.


A Sterling Silver Pendant For You

It's a delight to introduce you to my line of sterling silver jewelry. This growing collection includes Jewish Jewelry and floral pendants. Check out a contemporary Tree of Life pendant, an assortment of modern Hamsa pendants, and a gorgeous Hebrew "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li" pendant - the perfect gift for your beloved. My floral necklace designs are elegant and unusual, and recommended to dress up any outfit.


Discover Judaic Design by Melanie Dankowicz

Welcome to a spectacular collection of modern Judaica creations