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Beautify Your Jewish Life

Custom Design


Personalized art is an opportunity to honor a loved one, commemorate an occasion, or express your most highly held values. Designed expressly for you, a commissioned piece will illuminate your home or serve as an elegant and unique gift or presentation. Please click on one of the options below for more detail:

Custom Ketubah Design


A Commissioned Ketubah is uniquely designed to reflect your interests, values, and dreams in a most beautiful way. This is your chance to create a work of art of intense meaning, that will shine at your wedding and hang in your home forever.

My papercut ketubot can be simple or complex, traditional or modern. Let's work together to come up with a plan for your ketubah that feels just right to you.


The intricacies of shape and shadow that come alive in a framed papercut are also so dynamic in a cut metal design for the table or wall. The space between paper and backing, or metal and wall, offers an evocative place for interactions of air and artwork.

I would be delighted to create something special just for you.


Custom Donor Gifts


A custom gift is a meaningful way to thank your donors and build relationships. Personalized Judaica or Jewish art cut from metal is a perfect way to acknowledge the people who support your organization. Click here to see a few ideas, and then pick up the phone to talk about the possibilities.