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How To Order Your Ketubah

I am delighted to create a ketubah for your wedding! Here's what you need to know as you place your order.
Please feel welcome to email or call as questions come up!



Please note that a completed Ketubah Worksheet is required for all orders. You can access the worksheet by clicking HERE. Kindly email your completed worksheet to

It's fine to write Hebrew names on the worksheet transliterated in English text, and I will convert them to Hebrew letters for you.

If you're not sure of the Hebrew date of your wedding feel free to leave that blank for me to determine.


You are welcome to customize the color on your ketubah!

  • If your papercut is white, you get to choose the color for the backing layer on your ketubah. Opal and silver are standard-priced backing colors for many of our ketubot. Or, you have the option to request a giclee-printed custom backing color. Some of the ketubot shown here on the website are pictured with custom colors, and the custom color charge is included in their pricing.
  • If your ketubah design includes a colored papercut mounted on a white backing, you get to choose what color you would like the papercut to be. Often, gray and dark plum are standard colors for such papercuts, and other custom colors can be requested.

Click HERE to see some samples of Ketubah colors that other couples have requested.

Let me know if you would like to add 23k gold leaf to your ketubah.


The Hebrew and/or English text that you choose for your ketubah should feel just right to you, and be approved by your officiant. See my standard texts by clicking HERE. You are welcome to use one of these as is, or just let me know if you would like to make any changes to the text. Another option is to send me your own custom text. I believe that your ketubah text should read exactly the way you want it to, so I encourage you to take the time to consider your text with care.

Most of my customers request that I personalize the text with names, wedding date, and so on, for a seamless calligraphic look. The fonts that I use are my own calligraphic fonts. Please let me know if you have any special requests regarding formatting, fonts or text color.

Once you have placed your order and sent in your Ketubah Worksheet, I will send you a proof of your text so that you and your rabbi or officiant can confirm that it is just right. The correctness of the ketubah text is your responsibility, so I will ask that you check each proof with care and let me know of any changes you would like to make to the text or formatting.

Would you like to add a language? I have prepared ketubot in French, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and other languages. Let me know what would feel right on your ketubah.

You have the option of requesting my classic fonts on your ketubah:


Or you can request modern fonts:



Choose the design that feels right to you. Keep an eye out for alternate styles. For example, the Forest Ketubah is available in 4 different variations (with and without deer, with the Hebrew text "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li", and with a depiction of Jerusalem.)

Requests for custom additions or changes to any of my papercut designs are also welcome (an additional fee will apply).
Some couples enjoy hiding tiny personal symbols within the papercut design (for example, your dog, hobbies, favorite places...)

Another example: If your ketubah design includes a tree, you can request your initials on the tree, with or without a heart:

Feel free to request special touches to your printed ketubah text as well.
At the top of the printed ketubah text you have several options (at no extra charge). We can print the first letter of the Hebrew (and the English) in a larger font size:


Or we can print the first word of your ketubah text extra large, centered at the top.


On round ketubot, it can look lovely to add "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li" to the top of your printed ketubah text in Hebrew, English, or both languages:


Another option is to print your names in large script at the top of your ketubah text. For example:


If possible, please plan to allow 4 to 6 weeks for creation of your papercut ketubah. If your deadline is sooner just let me know, and I will be happy to work with you to be sure your ketubah is ready well in advance of your wedding! Most ketubot can be ready within a week. A rush charge will apply if your ketubah needs to ship within 3 weeks.

Your ketubah will ship flat by UPS Ground, protected within a clear plastic art envelope and packed safely between several layers of cardboard. It will be mounted on a firm white gatorboard, ready for signing and display at your wedding!


When you sign your Ketubah during the wedding, you will need to slide it gently out of the protective clear envelope. I suggest sliding it out just enough for the signature area to be exposed. As you slide the Ketuba back in after the signing, hold the plastic away from the papercut so that it does not catch on the cut edges.

Please use an acid-free, archival permanent pen for ketubah signatures. Some good options are the Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pen, the Prismacolor premier fine line marker 05, and the Faber Castell Pitt artist pen fine. If your text is white, consider an opaque white pen such as the Sanford Signo Uniball white ink pen. You might also want to bring along scotch tape for resealing the ketubah envelope, and a clean white sheet of paper that can be placed on the ketubah for everyone to lean their hands on while signing.

To maintain the centered balance of the ketubah text, I suggest that everyone who signs the ketubah place their signature toward the center of the line allotted to them, rather than signing to the far right or left.

Your ketubah will be made using the highest quality materials. Cut edges may have an antiqued look as a result of the lasercutting process. Please protect your ketubah from sun damage by hanging it away from sunlight and by framing with protective glass.

Your ketubah will arrive attached to a temporary firm white board. This board will excellently protect your ketubah during shippng and during your wedding. However, as the board is not archival quality it should be removed during framing, soon after your wedding.