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Ketubah Text Options


Which ketubah text feels right for the two of you? This is an important choice to contemplate together as a couple, and also in consultation with your rabbi or officiant. You are welcome to phone me to chat about your options.

You are invited to choose one of my standard ketubah text choices, or to send me your own custom text.

My standard ketubah texts (please click to view)
All are available for same sex couples:

You will have the opportunity to specify on the Ketubah Worksheet if you would like your ketubah text in just Hebrew/Aramaic, just English, or both Hebrew and English, or if you would perhaps like to add a third language.

You are welcome to edit any one of my standard ketubah texts if you wish. This includes the same sex ketubah, Orthodox ketubah texts, as well as Conservative, Egalitarian, and Interfaith ketubah texts. Please let me know by email of any adjustments that you would like to make to the ketubah text that you choose.

If you decide to send me your own custom ketubah text: Let me know if you have an English text and would like it translated into Hebrew, and I'll be happy to refer you to a professional translator. If you plan to send me a copyrighted text, please request permission for use of that text.