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Beautify Your Jewish Life

Modern Papercut Ketubah Designs & Custom Ketubah Art

Mazal tov on your upcoming wedding! This collection of unique papercut ketubah art is designed to reflect your joy as bride and groom, and the beauty of your lives together. All of these vibrant, layered ketubah designs are lovingly created with the highest archival standards of quality and craftmanship, and will add elegance and beauty to your wedding and to your home.

You are invited to find the papercut ketubah of your dreams among the options shown here (or request a completely custom ketubah design). Feel free to create something extra special by customizing the color, artwork, and text on your ketubah. You are welcome to select the ketubah text that is just right for you: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, same-sex, interfaith, or any custom ketubah text of your choosing. Click HERE for info on how to order your ketubah.

I work with couples around the world, and am always committed to your satisfaction. Be in touch – I will be delighted to work with you to create a meaningful, modern ketubah that is just right for you.