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Custom Ketubot

A Commissioned Ketubah is uniquely designed to reflect your interests, values, and dreams in a most beautiful way. This is your chance to create a work of art of intense meaning, that will shine at your wedding and hang in your home forever.

My papercut ketubot can be simple or complex, traditional or modern. We'll work together to come up with a plan for your ketubah that feels just right to you. Once we talk, I'll send you a sketch or two, and then alter the sketch until the ketubah design really feels like it's meant for you.

Please enjoy the papercut ketubah examples in this gallery!


Jerusalem Ketubah

This magnificent ketubah was commissioned by a bride and groom who dedicate themselves to the Jewish community, and have a strong connection to Israel. The papercut artwork highlights the beauty of Jerusalem and the seven species of Israel. The narrow border finishes the design with a Hebrew text of meaning to the couple.


London Ketubah

The London skyline in this ketubah shines at night, reflecting a time and a place of special importance in the lives of this couple. Their papercut ketubah shone at their wedding, and shines on their wall at home as a memory and a reminder of the place that their marriage has in this world.


Palm Ketubah

For a couple in California, what to put on the ketubah? Flowers grow happily around the perimeter of this papercut, with roses and palm trees forming a highlight of the design. The green backing to the papercut matches the green matt around the artwork, creating a finished flow.


Ketubah of Delight

Lions, figs, flowers, and musical instruments all have special meaning to the couple who commissioned the Ketubah of Delight. Papercut henna flowers, pomegranates, and grapevines, as well as the Hebrew text Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li (I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me) provide a beautiful connection to the Song of Songs.


Israel Ketubah

Commissioned by a couple with a special love for Israel, this ketubah features a map of the country, the open sea, Jerusalem, pomegranates, figs, and grapevines. The striking elegance of the black papercut on a textured gold backing really makes this ketubah stand out. And the border of Hebrew text surround the entire design pulls the ketuba together with some words of connection.


Peony Ketuba

Peonies are one of the most wonderful, boisterous flowers! Peony flowers are featured in this custom papercut ketubah, along with ivy and grapevines, a symbol of so much Jewish. This bold, intimate design was created for a couple who found beauty and meaning in these symbols.


Prose Ketubah

This memorable ketuba features a handsomely papercut English text. The Hebrew text is giclee-printed on a colored second layer..


Persian Ketubah

An intricate papercut Persian-style ketubah design! Small meaningful symbols abound, hidden among a flowering vine-like tree of life, adding personal meaning for the couple who commissioned this ketubah. The double border features a detailed Hebrew text, and decorative representations of the seven species.