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Custom Wall Design

The intricacies of shape and shadow that come alive in a framed papercut are also so dynamic in a cut metal design for the wall. The space between paper and backing, or metal and wall, offers an evocative place for interactions of air and artwork.

Please enjoy these examples of my work!




Hanerot Halalu

We light these candles in gladness for the miracles and wonders, the redemption and the battles.


Eisa Einai

Commissioned for a couple with a love for the outdoors and the beauty of the Aspens and the mountains, this piece celebrates with layers of handcut, handpainted thai paper.


Persian Paisleys

An incredible feat of intricate hand-cutting!


Stockholm Synagogue

A magnificent papercut depiction of the Great Synagogue of Stockholm, Sweden.



Light, Strength, Peace, Justice. A woman of incredible leadership was presented this papercut as a mark of appreciation by her employees.


Gulper eel

Gulper eels, angler fish, and giant squid are among the sacred creatures that swim in the deep sea.


Torah Tziva Lanu

The Torah dances us through our lives. It is our inheritance from Moshe.


Name Plaque

Simple and elegant - a child's name in Hebrew.


Song of Songs

Henna flowers, figs, grapevines, and pomegranates surround the gazelle in this tribute to the Song of Songs.


Baby Roses

A ring of roses surrounds musical instruments in this celebration of the birth of a baby girl born to a family with a love for beautiful sound.