Ketubah Colors

You are welcome to customize the color on your ketubah!

  • If your papercut is white, you get to choose the color for the backing layer that is mounted behind the papercut. Opal and silver are standard-priced backing colors for many of our ketubot. Alternatively, you have the option to request a giclee-printed custom backing color.
  • If your ketubah design includes a colored papercut mounted on a white backing, you get to choose what color you would like the papercut to be. In most cases, gray and dark plum are standard colors for such papercuts, and other custom colors can be requested.

These images are here to help you get a feeling for some of the color options that other couples have requested:



  Gray, Forest Dark Green, Silver, Green


  Silver (metallic)


  Opal (looks more like a shimmery mother-of-pearl in the light)


Cream (this lies behind the papercut and also has the text printed on it)




  White text on Gray








  Dusty blue


  Dark Plum


  Dark Plum


  Dark Sapphire


  Purple Ombre


  Bright purple-blue


  Light Teal