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Lilac Ketubah Circle in Burgundy

This round version of the Lilac Ketuba design features lilac and cosmos flowers. The Hebrew border, derived from the wedding blessings, includes “Joy and gladness, mirth, song, delight and rejoicing, love and harmony, peace and companionship.”

A vibrant 3-layer design allows you to choose what color you'd like behind the antique white papercut. Shimmery opal and silver are standard price, and other (custom) color requests are welcome.

The Lilac Ketuba is available in a Circle or Rectangle, with the optional inclusion of the Dodi Li text along the border of the rectangle. Click here to see all Lilac Ketuba designs.

Kindly submit a Ketubah Worksheet by email when you place your order. The information you provide on this form will let me know exactly how to personalize your ketuba text, color and design.

Dimensions: 19.75" x 19.75"


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