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Forest Ketubah Square in Opal


A forest of your own surrounds the text of this ketubah, a tribute to your own journeys through the woods, and to the warm and peaceful home you will build together.

A vibrant 3-layer design allows you to choose what color you'd like behind the antique white papercut. Custom color requests are welcome. Find some color ideas HERE.

Five versions of the Forest Ketubah are available, with options that include deer, Jerusalem, and the text Ani l'dodi v'dodi li (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine). Click HERE to see all of the Forest Papercut Ketubah styles.

Please find my standard ketubah texts HERE. You are welcome to choose one of these as is or with edits, or send me your own custom text.

Kindly submit your Ketubah Worksheet by email. The information you provide on this form will let me know exactly how to personalize your ketubah text, color and design.

Find more information on designing your ketubah HERE.

Dimensions: 19.75" x 19.75"

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